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Maintaining an Ethical Practice: A Practical Approach

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Course Description

CPD Participants are encouraged to purchase and work through the presentation “Working With Children: An Ethics Framework For Health Professionals” in order to maximise the value of the presentation. *** Click here to take the Working With Children: An Ethics Framework For Health Professionals talk ***

This presentation will focus on the practical application of ethics in all aspects of health, mental health and allied professional practice.
The theory and philosophy of ethics will not be covered as this has been done in the previous presentation, save for a reminder of important ethical principles and concepts in the Introduction.

  • Introduction
  • Managing professional practice in the context of the covid-19 pandemic
  • Update of legislation pertinent to ethical practice
  • Ethical practice management
  • Ethical guidelines for digital practice
  • Contemporary ethical issues
  • Ethical problems associated with the research and practice of evidenced-based treatments
  • Treatment decision making in professional practice
  • Reporting and complaints
  • Ensuring support – the ethical coffee room

Course Content

This course includes:

R406 incl VAT