Spinal Cord Injury – An Introductory Course

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Course Description

This is a beginner level course for Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, which aims to provide you with the tools to form a theoretical basis for understanding spinal cord injury and gaining knowledge on how various levels of the injury impact on a person functionally as well as understanding common conditions associated with spinal cord injury. This course is aimed at therapists who treat patients with spinal cord injury at any setting.

Introduction to Spinal Cord Injury including:

  • Understanding the anatomy of the spinal cord and various spinal cord syndromes
  • Understanding what the ASIA assessment is and various other assessment tools that can be used specifically for spinal cord injury
  • Understanding expected functional outcomes following a spinal cord injury
  • Understanding common complications and management of these in spinal cord injury

Course Content

This course includes:

R310 incl VAT