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Trauma and the DIR/Floortime Approach

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Course Description

Developmental Trauma shows up in multiple different forms in a variety of different ways.

For some it may have been a “once only” experience, for others it may have been ongoing adverse experiences impacting on brain maturation considering efficient adaptive responses to the learning and social environment.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to the neurodiversity we see in our workplace today. The DIR/Floortime Model forms a wonderful lens that includes our individual differences as well as considers the social-emotional developmental ladder supporting our relationships.

The “use of self” is a key factor when considering trust and security as necessary influences on the impact of trauma. During intervention the attachment relationship is held, contained, and supported in such a way that it frees the individual to explore their world at their own pace to gain the necessary integration, while also building the resilience and efficiency in the body and mind to counter the impact of developmental trauma.

Attendees will gain access to an assessment questionnaire developed by the speaker considering different aspects relating trauma to the DIR/Floortime Model.

We will follow the journey of a resilient young girl through video footage as she worked her way through the developmental ladder. Her grandmother will be interviewed regarding her process as her story unfolds throughout the 4 sessions. We will witness her remarkable development with gratitude to this family as they enable us to learn from this amazing young girl.

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