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ADHD – Assessment and Intervention

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Course Description

ADHD is a common diagnosis and intervention consists of a variety of different lenses of which occupational therapy, more specifically sensory integration, forms one avenue of investigation. Join Maude on this 3-part webinar series as she expands on the theory, but also supports the team approach in assessment and intervention. In session 2, a ready-made evaluation template will be provided that the workshop participant can use freely if the footnote carries the name of A Total Approach as the developer. It is not prescriptive, but a template which could be deleted from or added to based on the preferences of the user. This very practical tool will support the professional practice of every OT as well as inform the non-OT professionals the extent to which we can support a team approach. The final webinar on intervention includes multiple practical ideas organized around a three-phase system that provides a mostly bottom-up approach to ADHD and occupational functioning. This workshop packs a whole lot of “punch” in a small time frame and is not to be missed.

  • Understand ADHD in a multifaceted way
  • Assessment of ADHD to support clinical reasoning
  • ADHD Intervention

Workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe 5 significant markers of ADHD as it relates to function
  • Apply an assessment template considering standardized and clinical observational tools available in the scope of occupational therapy
  • Consider a 3-step phase system with regards to intervention
  • List multiple techniques while considering a bottom-up approach to intervention
  • Peruse an additional document pertaining multiple executive functioning accommodative strategies to support the student with ADHD

Course Content

This course includes:

R480 incl VAT