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Filling the Void: The Quality of Parenting is a Key Factor in the Healthy Development of a Child

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Course Description

Dr Ken Resnick has developed and evaluated by way of a doctoral thesis a unique and very effective parenting programme which he has called SmartChoiceParenting (SCP).

During his research he became aware that virtually all evidence-based parenting programmes are psychological in nature and are based on cognitive behavioural principles and social learning theory where the emphasis is on helping parents manage their child’s behaviour and other developmental problems.

What makes the SCP programme different is that it is not a psychological programme, but an educative one, where parents are given the knowledge, understanding and skills which makes them aware that it is the quality of parenting that a child receives that lies at the root of virtually all developmental problems.

Summary of the PowerPoint presentation:

  • The Adult’s Role in Guiding a Child to Adulthood
  • The Psychic Needs of the Child
  • The Development of the Child
  • The Essences of Educating (Parenting/Teaching)
  • The Adult-Child Educative Relationship
  • Problem Characteristics:
    • Dependency
    • Learned Helplessness
    • Impulsivity
    • Speech
    • Fantasy Play
    • Social Media
    • Myopia (short sightedness)
  • Compassionate Parenting
  • Are we heading in the wrong direction?
  • Parenting Management and Inappropriate Parenting Styles


Course Content

This course includes:

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