About Us

Impact learning was founded in 2012 by two Occupational therapists who saw a need for current, evidence based accredited paediatric content for therapists and teachers.

What started off as regular conferences in all major cities soon included online training allowing therapists far and wide to benefit from the content and stay up to date with their CPD points. 2023 saw further growth as we branched in to the Adult Rehab sector. Impact Learning now includes accredited content in the scopes of neuro, biomechanical, medico-legal and psychiatry.

All training is accredited with the Health and Allied Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and (AHPCSA) and CPD points are submitted directly to HPCSA on the therapists’ behalf. Impact Learning’s vision is to bring all health and educational professions the latest key trends in Medical Health Updates, Ethics, Paediatric and Adult rehab Development . Presenters who are in the forefront of their fields offer practical take home advice and tools for the medical practice, therapy environment, home and classroom.

Impact Learning strives to offer value adding content to all health care and educational professionals. We aim to bring you the current topics you want and need to ensure your professional and personal growth while you continue to change lives in your practices, rehab facilities and classrooms.