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Expressive Language

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Course Description

Janice has been practising as a speech and language therapist for over 40 years, most of this spent working with children with language / learning challenges. It was out of this experience that her book Everyone Can Learn was written, born from a passion to find ways to help children who were not learning easily, or well, from conventional teaching in the classroom.

It is on this that she will be speaking to us today. She will be teaching us strategies of learning that help children who have problems:

  • in remembering, and retrieving vocabulary
  • in spoken and written language. She will begin with the formulation of the basic sentence and work up to the level of story planning and writing.

These strategies can be easily applied by teachers in the classroom, by parents when doing homework and by therapists in the therapy room.
She will teach us a about ‘more brain learning’ strategies, so called because they make use humour, colour, imagery, rhyming and association, engaging parts of the brain not normally used, making learning easier for children without challenges and possible for those with them.


  • Why do we need words?
  • How to understand words.
  • How to remember words using ‘More brain learning’.

Spoken and written language

  • How to teach a child to make grammatical, well-ordered sentences.
  • How to improve narrative speech.
  • How to plan and write stories.

Course Content

This course includes:

R332 incl VAT