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Adolescent Suicide

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Course Description

This content may be triggering for some individuals – please contact a mental health professional or SADAG (S A Depression And Anxiety Group helpline) on 0800 567 567 for assistance if needed.

Our current context:
War in Ukraine, the post lockdown (for now) mental health scenario; the Covid-19 remote learning fiasco, and economic and social hardship.

Current Statistics: South Africa and global

  • Conceptual, theoretical and intervention input on suicide in adolescents.
  • Myths, stigma and stereotypes associated with suicide.
  • The most current research findings on adolescent suicide.
  • The psychology and psychiatry of suicidal ideation and suicidal behaviour.
  • The psychiatric and psychological co-morbidities that increase the risk of suicide, and the treatment thereof.
  • DSM 5 Suicidal Behavioural Disorder
  • Emotional and behavioural dysregulation and strategies for intervention.
  • The social, interpersonal and family context of adolescent suicide.
  • A framework of understanding comprising risk indicators, risk assessment and intervention for mental-health and allied professionals
  • Immediate responses needed for an adolescent who is suicidal or has attempted suicide.
  • Additional areas of focus:
    • Guidelines for schools and therapists, and resources for adolescents and professionals.
    • Prevention.
    • Clinical case examples will be presented.

Course Content

This course includes:

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