To Contract In or Out & Millenials

To Contract In or Out & Millenials

Luis Da Silva
Managing Director of Healthbridge

To Contract In or Out & Millenials

Price: R500 excl VAT
Course Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes
31 December 2019

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This presentation will look at the following:
To contract in or out aims to arm medical professionals with insights and considerations to make an educated decision on whether to contract in to medical schemes or not. Many healthcare professionals have become frustrated with having to deal with multiple medical aids. It costs money in administration and staff, claim submission, processing errors, waiting for payments and, of course, bad debts (exhausted benefits that patients never pay). However, there can be considerable benefits to contracting with medical aids, and many medical professionals choose to do this, despite the costs and the difficulties involved. Medical practitioners get to choose whether to contract with medical schemes, and with whom to contract. Before they decide, we offer some points worth considering.

Millennials aims to educate medical professionals about the impact this up and coming generation will have on their practices. When medical professionals think of millennials it is often in the context of the social media generation, constantly glued to their phones. However the millennial is known to be brand loyal, significantly more so than previous generations. The opportunity for practices when building their relationships with this generation is that, when done right, it will last. To become preferred by millennials, medical professionals need to rethink and evolve their care delivery model and the way they communicate. It will mean prioritising convenience and transparency, embracing digital tech and finding other, creative ways to deliver value. Millennials want to engage with you, and if you do so you’ll see returning patient that remains steadfast and loyal.

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