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Tech Savvy 101: Part 2 – EXPIRED

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PART 2 – This presentation will look at the following topics:

  • The use of Technology at School with the goal being to maximise learning
  • The Inside-Upside-Down Classroom is discussed and how it can allow for. faster coverage of the curriculum allows for more time to extend students.
  • More personal engagement with students results in improved student-teacher relationship. Students take control of their own learning. Homework is minimised with lessons and practise structured to happen in class time.
  • Flipping the classroom,
  • G-Class Folders,
  • Socrative approach,
  • Teacher io
  • Tellagami

Course Content

This course is no longer accredited or available for sale. If you purchased this course, you will still have access to the lesson video but not to the quiz, certification or allocation of CPD points.