Screen Culture & Screen Addiction – EXPIRED

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This presentation will look at the following:

  • Screens and adults
  • Screens and families
  • Why is it a problem?
  • Screens and physical health
  • Obesity
  • Screens and sleep (impact on melatonin)
  • Screens and cognitive functioning
  • Screens and ADHD (bidirectional relationship)
  • Screens and mental health
  • Screens and addiction
  • DSM AND ICD disorders
  • Dopamine and screens
  • Screens and anxiety
  • Nomophobia
  • FOMO
  • Screens and depression
  • Anhedonia
  • Guidelines
  • American Association of Pediatrics recommended daily screen time
  • Screen free zones
  • Using screen time as an incentive and consequence
  • Proactive v reactive parenting
  • Useful resources

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