Music & Learning

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Course Description

In this course we focus on the following:

  • How music activities can be used as a valuable tool for speech and language development.
  • The benefits of bilingualism
  • Elements that can be found in music as well as in speech and language.
  • Music activities can play a role in reading, language and communication.
  • What happens during early childhood development when music is involved?
  • Which areas in the brain are being developed during music activities?
  • The key roll that rhythm, sound and movement plays.
  • The overlapping of anatomical networks during exposure to music activities.
  • Why instrumental play enhances language and communication.
  • How music can enhance auditory perception.
  • Music can expand a child’s vocabulary.
  • The characteristics of different age groups and their response to music.
  • Appropriate activities for different age groups.

Course Content

This course includes: