Health Professionals & ICD-10 Coding

Health Professionals & ICD-10 Coding

Luis Da Silva
Managing Director of Healthbridge

Health professionals duty to ensure the correct ICD-10 coding is being used

Price: R500 excl VAT
Course Duration: 41 minutes
15 January 2020

This presentation will look at the following:

  • Give practitioners context on the purpose, benefit and uses of the detailed ICD-10 codes as per WHO.
  • Expose the challenges that the industry faces in the implementation of the more advanced ICD-10 coding set. This will be presented from the unique view of neuro and behavioural science.
  • Help practitioners understand their duty to the healthcare profession to code correctly, as it has an impact on local and global data analysis.
  • “Make it real” for practitioners on why they need to code correctly; particularly those in private practice. This will discuss both the recommendations and consequences depending on the scenario.
  • Literature references
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