Divorce Dynamics: Part 1

Divorce Dynamics: Part 1

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Stacey Lewis
Paediatric Physiotherapist

Divorce Dynamics: Part 1

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Course Duration: 36 minutes
31 December 2019

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PART 1 – This presentation will look at the following topics:

  • How therapist and educators can assist both children and parents going through divorce and what their roles may be in this situation.
  • Main causes of divorce
  • What it feels like to go through a divorce
  • What parents who are going through a divorce are too scared to tell you
  • Difficulties that children going through a divorce may experience
  • Sensitivities you can show towards children and parents involved in a divorce
  • Additional Challenges
  • Abusive behaviour – physical or emotional
  • Financial abuse – non-payment of essential maintenance
  • Dishonouring of promises with regard to contact with children
  • A controlling ex-spouse
  • Using the children as pawns
  • Legal issues – Rule 43, protection order
  • The presence of a third party
  • The loss and death of divorce
  • The impact on the child
  • Difficulties the child may experience
  • Emotions that may impact other areas
  • What divorced parents appreciate from schools or therapists

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