Depression & Anxiety in Children: Part 2

Depression & Anxiety in Children: Part 2

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Paula Hildebrand
Social Worker

Depression and Anxiety in Children: Part 2

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Course Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes
31 December 2019

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PART 2 – This presentation will look at the following topics:
The primary aim is to empower the audience in gaining further knowledge on the topic and to be encouraged to practical assist children, suffering from both/ either anxiety and depression, with confidence.

  • Anxiety and Depression in children becoming more common.
  • Anxiety and Depression existing separately and or co comorbidly.
  • The factors contributing to this increase are diverse and complex.
  • Modern society and its role in the development of this disease.
  • Understanding the contributing factors.
  • Social emotional aspects of development of healthy wellbeing
  • What makes a child’s world work and what matters to a child?
  • Attachment to primary caregiver, and the development of trust and belonging.
  • The need for greater resilience in children: why is it lacking?
  • Understanding the function of character growth and life management skills.
  • Treatment.
  • The most commonly used approaches from recent research.
  • Social systems that the child lives and functions in.
  • Working with families, school or social community.
  • Medicate or not to medicate?
  • Practical supports/solutions to a mood affected child.
  • Ethics.