Depression & Anxiety in Children: Part 1 – EXPIRED

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PART 1 – This presentation will look at the following topics:

  • Normal versus pathological anxiety.
  • Anxiety disorders of childhood e.g. Separation anxiety disorder, Generalized Anxiety
  • Disorder, Social anxiety disorder, Selective mutism, Obsessive compulsive disorder and Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Aetiology of anxiety disorders, including genetic and environmental factors, including the role of parenting.
  • Clinical presentation of the different anxiety disorders, including school refusal and somatic complaints.
  • Screening for childhood anxiety.
  • When and how to refer.
  • Management of anxiety disorders
  • Pharmacological (emphasis on the SSRI’s)
  • Childhood depression and its Epidemiology and Aetiology.
  • Clinical presentation of childhood depression.
  • Suicidality in children – including the phenomenon of cutting.
  • DSM 5 diagnostic criteria.
  • Treatment of childhood depression.
  • Pharmacological (mainly SSRI’s)
  • Take home messages.

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