Bullying, Teasing & Discipline: A Speech Therapist’s / Stutterer’s Perspective

Bullying, Teasing & Discipline: A Speech Therapist’s / Stutterer’s Perspective

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Dina Lillian
Speech Therapist / Audiologist

Bullying, Teasing and Discipline: A Speech Therapist’s / Stutterer’s Perspective

Points: 3 CPD POINTS
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Course Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes
31 December 2019

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  • Fluency, the 2 Main Types of Fluency Disorders and the differences between the two types of dysfluencies
  • What is bullying?
  • The power imbalance, unjust use of power, intent to harm, victim’s distress, repetition over time and evident enjoyment by the aggressor
  • How extensive is bullying? Amongst all children and among Children who Stutter
  • Types of bullying behaviours? Physical aggression, Social Alienation, Verbal, aggression, Intimidation and Relational Bullying
  • Effects of bullying? Generally, and the short term and long-term consequences – Specifically, in the child who stutters / clutters
  • How environment re-enforces bullying?
  • Reporting verse non-reporting,
  • “Victim role” verse resilience
  • Which child is most likely to be bullied?
  • Roles of therapists, parents, teachers
  • Dealing with bullying