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An Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation

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Course Description

In this presentation, we will look into the comprehensive field of Aural Rehabilitation, addressing its fundamental components and applications across different age groups.

The session will commence with an introduction to Aural Rehabilitation, providing a foundational understanding of its significance in managing hearing loss.

We will explore the intricate processes of assessment, diagnosis, and intervention for individuals with hearing impairments, emphasizing the importance of tailored approaches. Speech perception and auditory training will be highlighted as key components, shedding light on techniques to enhance these crucial skills. Communication strategies training will be discussed to empower individuals with effective tools for interpersonal interactions. The presentation will then transition to focus on Adult Aural Rehabilitation, presenting specific considerations for this demographic. Assessing and addressing hearing loss in children will be a key focus, with insights into the unique challenges and strategies involved in Aural Rehabilitation for infants, school-aged children, and beyond.

  • Components of Aural Rehabilitation
  • Assessment, diagnosis and Intervention of hearing loss
  • Speech perception and auditory training
  • Communication strategies training
  • Adult Aural Rehabilitation
  • Assessment of children with hearing loss
  • Aural rehabilitation for infants and children
  • Aural rehabilitation for school aged children

Course Content

This course includes:

R540 incl VAT