Bronwyn Peake

Bronwyn Peake

Remedial Therapist

Bronwyn Peake is a Remedial Therapist, Teacher and Lecturer. She is an inclusion specialist whose focus is on learners with ADD and Asperger’s Syndrome, although she has had extensive experience in helping children with all forms of learning and behavioral difficulties. Bronwyn’s experience in Education spans 29 years. She has taught various age groups in a variety of disciplines. She has presented talk at conferences around learning difficulties, assessment and the implementation of Inclusion in the learning environment. Bronwyn has also written educational texts for Macmillan Publishers that have been published.

Bronwyn has developed an interest helping learners, teachers and future educators to better understand the unique needs of each learner in order to assist all learners to develop to their full potential. She has also had the opportunity to lead and educate teams in the education field regarding the use of critical thinking skills, visible thinking routines, thinking maps and the use of De Bono’s thinking hats.

Bronwyn has studied extensively and holds five qualifications in Education, including a Masters Degree in Inclusive education. She is currently a PHD Candidate at WITS University. Bronwyn brings to her classroom, therapy and lectures many years of experience with a Holistic approach to education.

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