• We started advertising at the Impact Learning workshops in May 2015. Due to the tremendous response we received, we decided to sponsor the subsequent 4 workshops later in the year. Our response rates from the attendees have been between 15-60%, which is amazing! The most significant benefit has been the credibility that we have received just by being associated with Impact Learning. Not only did we make back the investment on each of the workshops, but we also received a steady stream of interested clients every month since then. Cara and Sarah try their utmost to ensure that the sponsorship works for your business – something which we are eternally grateful for. Oliver Nagaya

    CEO, Co-founder PiMetix (Pty) Ltd smeMetrics is a product of PiMetix (Pty) Ltd



    “Cara and Sarah are professional and passionate about their business.  They understand where teachers and therapists need to upgrade their knowledge, plugging the gaps with a fascinating lineup of speakers and workshop presenters. They are empowering others to make a greater impact on how children learn and thrive in the world.  Nikki Bush, creative parenting expert, speaker and best-selling author of Future-proof Your Child & Tech-Savvy Parenting.”

    Nikky Bush

  • “ I have absolutely loved this Sensory Integration DVD course. It is totally interesting and makes such sense. Thank you! I have learned so much about myself and my children as well as my husband. Totally totally valuable! A must for all… especially teachers”

    Hayley Pogir

    Occupational Therapist

  • “Thanks for all your help!  Oh and by the way, can I just say, what an awesome course!  I thought Carina was fantastic, so glad you guys do these DVD’s, because it means people like me who lives far from where all the courses run can be part of it too, so THANK YOU!”

    Janette (East London)

  • Please note that I have received my DVD 🙂

    Thank you very much for the excellent service!

    Kind Regards

    Kristy Jackson

  • Thank you for always providing us with THE BEST workshops, and the food is always AMAZING. 

     You guys are really amazing. Thank you

    Kind regards 

    Carissa Jansen


  • I am Impressed with the DVD quality and with Impact learning as this has been my first interaction with them.


    Jane Baker

    Occupational Therapist

    BSc OT (Wits)

    Dip Hand Therapy (UP)

  • Regarding the Co-ord Plus DVD:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and got such practical application from it.

     Kind regards

    Olivia Luke

    Occupational Therapist

  • Thank you so much for an excellent service. I ordered my DVD’s and less than 24 hours later they were delivered. 

    I have received the questionnaires and appreciate the clear instructions and information. 

    Thank you! 

    Anja Wolmarans (OT)

  • I really enjoy the DVD’s and the topics are very informative. I almost feel part of the conference. Thank you.


    Erina Groenewald (Ladysmith)

  • Re: Law and Ethics Conference

    “Thank you for a perfect organized day. I really benefitted by attending the course.”

    Anon (OT)

  • “Working with Cara and Sarah has always been a pleasure; their professional approach to the management of courses makes a speaker’s life very easy! They are certainly one of my preferred course coordinators for the course I present.”

    Meg Faure

    Occupational Therapist,

    Author, Brander, Speaker, Innovator

  • Thank you so much for Saturday! I really enjoyed the course, even though I have SI it was good to hear it again in a more simpler way. Found it very useful for explaining to parents!

    Thanks again!